Sound absorbing panels

Sound absorbing panels for school canteens

Excess noise can have a negative impact on a child's ability to concentrate and focus. Sound-absorbing acoustic panels are a simple way to reduce the overall noise level in the canteen, breakout and dining area. These decorative wall panels are designed to be fun and eye-catching for the children while also providing a practical function by absorbing the noise from shouts, screams, scraping chair feet and slamming.

Inspire your students and staff with decorative noise reduction panels

Your students’ learning experience can be enhanced significantly by making sure that their eating spaces are inspirational and promote interaction between peers. These spaces are crucial to the social development of your pupils. To ensure that your school dining hall is giving your students an inspiring and relaxing space, you will need to consider the acoustics and noise levels in the school canteen and cafeteria. An added bonus is that noise reduction panels come in many bright colours and patterns so you can create a space that is visually inspiring as well!

Good acoustics equal a positive environment

Unfortunately, large numbers of classrooms and halls in the UK currently suffer from poor acoustics. Irritating background noise is very stressful for both teachers and pupils, leading to tension and stress, which is not conducive to a good learning environment. With sound-smart products, it is possible to optimise the acoustics in the premises and create a pleasant soundscape.

Sound-absorbing panels are ideal for large spaces

Many school halls work overtime, serving as the school canteen, assembly hall and even the gym. These are all noisy activities that make it difficult for teachers to be heard over the commotion and can also affect the concentration of children in nearby classrooms. Acoustic panels present a simple solution that suits all these purposes and is ideally suited to large indoor spaces with poor natural acoustics. They are designed to be mounted on the wall or the ceiling so as not to impinge on the space and trap sound reverberations to prevent echoes and reduce background noise in your school hall and dining area.

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