Policy for hybrid working

Policy for hybrid working

While working in the office is here to stay, more and more businesses are offering employees the opportunity to work from home some of the time. For those that do, it’s important to set out clear rules and expectations so that both the company and its employees can benefit.

Here is a template for creating a policy on hybrid work (a mix of both office work and remote work). With this, you can create better conditions and guidelines for your business and adapt it to the way of working that works for you. Fill it in or use it as a guide.


A hybrid work policy is a guide that forms the basis for how your business presents the opportunity to work both remotely and on site in the office. Define what constitutes home office, remote working and “the office”.

Purpose and goals of the policy

Clarify the purpose and goals of the hybrid work policy. When should it be used and to whom does it apply? Create a structure for how to stipulate working hours and days in the office as well as guidelines for meetings and the like.


Describe the background to and reasons for the policy, such as: changing work methods after the pandemic, the desire for flexibility and a need for a balance between office and remote work.

Guidelines and recommendations for hybrid work

Detail updated rules about fixed working hours to ensure better collaboration when working remotely. Put in place a system or platform where staff can register which days they are in the office, and decide on the best way to communicate meetings (and whether they are hybrid, remote or in-person) and social activities with fixed days, for example.

Guidelines and recommendations for a safe and secure work environment

Put in place guidelines for how to ensure all employees have a suitable and inspiring work environment that optimises well-being, motivation and performance wherever they work.

Evaluation and follow-up

Explain why a policy has been developed and how it benefits the business and the employees. Set out how to follow up, evaluate and adapt to new needs.

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