How to clean a whiteboard or dry erase board

How to clean a whiteboard or dry erase board

The sun's rays stream through the office window, illuminating the whiteboard mounted on the wall. In the bright light, you can suddenly see how dirty it is. However, cleaning a whiteboard is a simple task that can be accomplished with minimal effort and readily available supplies. By employing high-quality marker pens and regularly replacing the whiteboard wiper, you can maintain the board's pristine condition for an extended period.
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Whiteboard DORIS
Storage box for whiteboard pens, wipers and cleaning pads for the wipers
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A brief history on whiteboards

The first whiteboards emerged in the 1960s, crafted from the same material as photographic film. These early whiteboards carried a hefty price tag, and removing dried-on ink could be a challenging endeavor. In contrast, today's whiteboards typically consist of sheet metal coated with a glossy enamel finish, rendering them remarkably easy to clean.
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This is why the surface gets dirty

Several factors contribute to whiteboard grime, including:

  • A worn-out whiteboard wiper can leave behind dirt and residue, necessitating replacement.
  • Poor-quality pens can deposit dirt and grease on the whiteboard surface.
  • Grease from hands can transfer to the board, forming a film that obscures writing.
  • Using unsuitable cleaning agents like soap or detergent can damage the enamel surface, making dirt removal more challenging.

Tip! Try opting for an enamelled whiteboard!
The advantage of an enamelled surface is that it is hard-wearing. It is easy to keep clean and does not get scratched. The material can cope with large numbers of meetings in the office, year in year out, where the whiteboard is a useful tool that everyone focuses on.

What type of whiteboard do you need?


With our non-toxic cleaning spray, you can remove all types of marks from felt and alcohol-based markers as well as ink and ink residue.
Not all whiteboards are magnetic, but it is common.
Classic whiteboards usually have an enamel surface, but there are models with, for example, a steel plate surface.
Du kan använda en whiteboard till allt från planering till brainstorming vid möten till att rita på eller använda som ett rent kommunikationshjälpmedel.
Våra pennor har ett giftfritt bläck vilket gör de till ett bra val för alla miljöer och passar lika bra för användning i skola som på kontor.
En whiteboard ska aldrig rengöras med någonting annat än vatten eller whiteboardrengöring.  

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