How to organise your workbench

Do you have a sturdy workbench that is adapted to suit you and your professional role? Good, then you’re halfway to having the right tools to help you do your job to the best of your ability. The other half is about the working environment in general. Is it organised so that you have everything you need close at hand? Here are some tips on how to keep track of your tools and equipment so that you can work to 100% efficiency.
Workshop with workbench, tool trolley, shelivng and tool cabinet

Take of advantage of vertical space 

Fixing a tool panel on the wall above the workbench is perfect if you want to always have your most used tools close at hand and be able to easily see what’s available. Wall-mounted tool panels come in a choice of sizes and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically in order to suit the space available. To get a solution tailored to your needs, you can supplement with different hooks and tool holders­ and attach them in the most convenient location for easy access to the tools you use most frequently.

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Wall mounted tool panels with tools
Mobile tool panle with tools

Ensure tools are always within easy reach

Do you frequently work away from your workbench? Then a sturdy mobile tool panel is a practical option because you can easily take it with you wherever you go. So instead of choosing a few tools and carrying them with you, you have access to everything you could need. As the mobile tool panel is available in several sizes and has panels on both sides, it offers plenty of organised storage space. When not in use, the mobile panel can be pushed up against a wall to save space.

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Workshop trolley with drawers and open shelf

Think about whether a mobile workbench or workshop trolley would suit you better

If you’re looking for adaptable solutions or mobile workspaces, then workshop trolleys are a great way to combine a mobile workstation with practical storage. This allows you to work efficiently in different areas with full access to your tools and materials. Workshop trolleys and shelf trolleys come in lots of different styles and sizes; what they have in common is that they are all designed to suit tough work environments, such as warehouses, workshops and garages, where there is a need for robust and easy-access storage. Thanks to their high load capacity, these trolleys also reduce manual handling by providing a convenient means of transport for goods, equipment and work projects.

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Put equipment away safely

Do you need to keep your equipment locked away, either to prevent theft or because it could present a workplace hazard? Lockable metal cabinets offer efficient and safe storage for hand tools, power tools, PPE, cables and other things that you need to access on a regular basis but don’t want to leave lying around. Steel cabinets are available in many different sizes and, if necessary, you can add extra shelves and other accessories to tailor the interior to your needs. Look for powder-coated cabinets with a durable finish that will stand up to use in most environments. Think about whether a key lock or code lock would be more convenient for your needs; this may depend on how many people need access and the level of security the contents require, as well as personal preference.

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Steel workshop storage cabinet with blue doors
Tool storage cabinet in dark grey steel with drawers and parts bins

Make sure you have enough storage for small parts

Do you have lots of small accessories or spare parts that should be sorted separately? Then a tool cabinet that comes fully fitted with a tailored interior could provide the solution. These cabinets are equipped with drawers or small parts boxes for efficient and adaptable storage of tools and small parts. In addition, they have a robust construction that makes them very well suited to workshops and other environments with high demands on durability.

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four different types of steel shelving system

Ensure there is plenty of storage space nearby

Do you need a lot of storage in and around the workplace? Then a flexible and durable shelving system is a simple solution that can easily be expanded and adapted to your needs, regardless of whether you need open, hidden or mixed storage. The sections are available in different heights, widths and depths – and can also be supplemented with more shelves – all to maximise the use of the space.

Which shelving system is right for you? Read our tips! 

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