AJ Products factory

AJ Products factory

Did you know that we manufacture a large portion of our furniture ourselves? AJ Products' modern factories in Poland and Slovakia produce our office furniture, lockers, cabinets and much more!

"With our own production, we can keep an eye on the entire process from design to finished furniture so we can ensure the highest quality at great prices" says Göran Holmström, factory manager.

In Poland, near the Baltic coast, AJ Products manufactures its range of wooden furniture. The bookcases, desks and cabinets, as well as conference tables and canteen furniture, are all made in our purpose-built factory.

"Having our own production facility gives us tremendous flexibility, we don’t need to keep a large supply in stock, and we generally have short and reliable delivery times" explains Göran.

Constant development

In order to provide a fresh and relevant catalogue of products, AJ Products invests heavily in product development. New furniture ranges are emerging in close collaboration with the design department and other departments across the company.
"They bring their ideas to us in the factories and we develop prototypes. We are constantly working to add new features and make our products even better" says Göran.

30 years of experience

The second factory, in Slovakia, has been manufacturing products for AJ Products for 30 years and specialises in metal cabinets, steel lockers and industrial shelving

"It is a great advantage to have everything within our own walls. It allows us to control the entire chain from environmental concerns to health and safety issues and ultimately provide the best quality product for our customers" says Göran.

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