Buy Outdoor Tables for Patio Spaces

Your employees may often get tired due to working in the same place all day. This not only increases the risk of health problems like musculoskeletal disorders but also affects their performance at work negatively. Hence, it is important for you to come up with simple ways that can help your employees leave behind the monotony and relax during working hours. What better way to do this than setting up an outdoor space with comfortable outdoor furniture? Hence, at AJ Products, we provide a wide range of outdoor tables that can easily blend into your break rooms, cafeterias, workplace patios and similar environments. Read the following to learn more about our tables and purchase the ones that help you create the outdoor space that best suits your workplace.


Are you looking for a table with a conventional rectangular top? Would you rather a round tabletop that can encourage conversation? Here, you can select from a large variety of tabletop shapes such as rectangular, round, and square. Our rectangular tables with a T-frame are an ideal choice if you are looking for plenty of leg space. Whereas, our round tables with a pillar frame are suitable if you do not want table legs in the way of the chairs. You can also browse through our wide range of outdoor chairs and pick the ones that suit your tables the best.

Colour and Material

Your outdoor space should not just be an extension of your office. To add a stylish touch to your workplace patio, opt for a round table with a black wood-imitation tabletop. You can also opt for a mahogany stain on some tables. We provide most of our tables surfaces made of Aintwood slats, a wood-like plastic material that is ideal for outdoor furniture. If you are looking for tables suited for outdoors as well as indoors, our tables with moulded sheets of Topalit can be a suitable choice. This is because it consists of a wood-fibre core with a very hard plastic surface, providing a table-top that is durable, scratch and heat-resistant. You can also opt for table surfaces made of laminate and polystyrene. Our tables are supported with steel or aluminium stands, available in colours such as chrome, grey, and black. Click on individual product specifications to know more about the type of frame, size and other details. As well as separate tables and chairs, you can also check out our outdoor furniture sets for a complete outdoor solution. If you need any more details or any assistance choosing suitable outdoor tables, please contact us.

Buy outdoor tables to make the most of the summer

Cafés, pubs and restaurants with outside space attract far greater numbers of customers over the summer months, but it is essential to have the right commercial garden furniture to cater for everyone who wants to frequent your business. Think about the vibe you want to create. Do you need café furniture that will fit on a small terrace without feeling too crowded? Do you want a family-friendly beer garden with traditional picnic benches? Is a chilled-out lounge area with sofas and an outside coffee table more your style? At AJ Products, we have a range of outdoor restaurant table and chairs to suit your needs.

Outdoor café furniture

If your bistro has a small patio or is able to take advantage of pavement space, choose a selection of different outdoor café table and chairs. You should provide tables in different shapes and sizes so that customers can sit by themselves, in couples or in larger groups comfortably and without feeling awkward. A round outdoor table is perfect for someone sitting alone as they won’t feel as if they are taking space away from other customers. Rectangular options provide plenty of space for 4-6 people while a square outdoor table is a smart compromise if space is limited as you can fit four people around it without taking up much floor space.