Package deal NOVUS + NEWBURY

1 desk + 1 white/green office chair

Art. no.: 103461
  • Perfect for small offices
  • Ergonomic table and chair
  • Stylish, practical design
A small sit-stand desk and a matching office chair with ergonomic settings such as height, backrest and seat angle adjustment. An excellent choice for small offices.
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Product information

A space-saving, ergonomic package that is perfect for home offices!

Because of its compact size, the height-adjustable desk is ideal for rooms where space is limited. By simply pushing a button, you can adjust the desk height and easily switch between a sitting and standing working position. The high-quality NOVUS series is created by our in-house design team. The desk has a stylish top made from hard-wearing high-pressure laminate that is easy to keep clean. The bevelled edges create a soft impression and add the perfect finishing touch.

The NEWBURY office chair has a modern design and several ergonomic functions. It has a mechanism that allows the backrest and seat to follow the movements of your upper body, which means that you can easily vary your sitting position. The mechanism can be locked in a fixed position if required. The seat can be angled and the height of the seat and the backrest can be adjusted to be comfortable for a user of any height. The integrated armrests support your forearms and relieve the strain on your shoulders.


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