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Project design

Outdoor furniture made for a Nordic climate

Outdoor furniture made for a Nordic climate

When we think of outdoor furniture we think of summer. But most picnic tables and benches will be left outside all year round. They need to withstand the elements to last over winters in parks and pub gardens, school playgrounds and motorway rest stops. Designed to stand up to the harsh Swedish winter, AJ Products has made durability the central characteristic of our outdoor furniture to help our customers create inviting outdoor seating areas that can be used year after year.

An outdoor bench is put to the test


To show that we believe steadfastly in the durability of our outdoor furniture, we are now subjecting one small picnic bench to a tough test. We have sent it to Iceland where, for a whole year, it will have to fight against the storms of the North Atlantic, persistent rain, cold, snow and even scorching sun. All to show that our outdoor picnic benches are a good and safe investment, which, with just a little basic maintenance, will see you through year after year.


It takes consistently high quality


What does it take to make an outdoor bench that can withstand harsh weather conditions? In our view, it is about a robust construction and materials chosen with care. We chose hot-dip galvanised steel for our metal frame, while the wooden details are made of durable planks of Swedish pine with a stained finish. The result is a quality piece of furniture with a finish that is both pleasing to the eye and highly resistant to weather exposure so it can be left outside come rain or shine, in summer or winter.

Follow the reports from Iceland


The picnic bench was placed in its current position in February 2021. At a follow-up in mid-March, things were going well and our bench was seeing some pretty good weather. Since then, the news from Iceland has been full of reports of earthquakes and volcanic activity. Do you want to find out what’s happening to our little picnic bench in the North Atlantic? We will be providing regular updates both here and on social media as we follow the bench on its yearlong adventure. Feel free to follow us!

A summer greeting


At the end of June we visited the Icelandic coast southwest of Reykjavik to see how our picnic bench was getting on. After just over four months of snow, rain, salty winds and sun, it still looked like new - just as we thought. We will check back again after the summer. 

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