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Project design

Make room for conversation at work

Make room for conversation at work

In every workplace there should be a room or area where employees can go to grab a coffee, have a chat and take a break. This type of breakout space can look very different depending on the space available and the furniture you choose. All that matters is making room for strengthening work relations and getting to know your co-workers better, even during working hours.


Better community

A breakout area doesn’t have anything remarkable. A few chairs around a table could suffice in a small office. It doesn’t have to be a whole room as long as the staff have a place to go where they can relax and talk to their colleagues without disturbing those still working. A screened-off corner in a larger room or a corner could work just fine.


Common areas

If you have a company dining area, it can be used for so much more than just lunch. It can be a place to take breaks, catch up with your colleagues and exchange ideas. If there is space, put in a couch or a few armchairs to create a more relaxed atmosphere. This is great not just for break times but also for casual meetings and team projects. Effective collaborative spaces that allow colleagues to work together comfortably are one of the biggest demands on workplaces at the moment. Don’t forget coffee tables so staff have somewhere to put their caffeine fix!



No matter how big or small, the break area should offer a multitude of options so that people can vary their posture. Many people who sit down while they work like to stand up when taking a break. Mixing bar tables with dining and coffee tables is an easy way to offer variety, giving everyone the option to sit or stand. It is also a good idea to make the space as flexible as possible. Furniture that is lightweight or fitted with wheels makes it possible to rearrange the room depending on the occasion and number of people, allowing more seats to be added when needed or the furniture to be pulled closer together when there are only a few people. It means the space is always cosy and inviting as well as perfectly suited to the needs of the group.


The great outdoors

When the sun peaks out from behind the clouds and summer is finally on its way, an outdoor spot is usually much appreciated. It’s worth investing in an outdoor table and chair set that doesn’t just encourage people to go outside but also to talk and spend time together. Picnic benches are a popular and weatherproof option for eating outside that can be left out during the winter months.