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Life at work – a series about feeling better

Life at work – a series about feeling better

There is a place where most adults go nearly every day and where they spend most of their waking hours for thirty-five, forty, sometimes nearly fifty years of their life. We are, of course, talking about the workplace, which for many is like a second home. Therefore, it is important that the furniture they use each day, makes them feel good.


AJ Products helps people to feel good at work by supplying furniture and interiors that can improve the workplace. We want to draw attention to the realities of the workplace and the various opportunities for improvement that exist.


For more than forty years we have studied the workplace and have learned what a healthy and productive work environment needs to offer. In that time, we have seen that certain behaviours and characters are commonplace. In our documentary series "Life at work" we highlight a variety of situations and environments that you will no doubt recognise. We hope you follow our series and benefit from it.


The New Year's Resolution


Herd Behaviour


The Silverback




Laughing Species


Sitting Species