Why children need to be more active at school

The more physical activity in school the better!

Sitting still for long periods can have a negative impact on health and productivity. Incorporating elements that encourage physical activity is becoming more commonplace in workplaces, but these are only being designed with adults in mind. At AJ Products we think the same amount of care is needed in the design of classrooms to give school students the same opportunities for movement. That is why we supply school furniture that allows children to change their working position easily and has a positive impact on their ability to learn.

The classroom is a child's workplace

It goes without saying that the work environment in a school should be just as good as in a modern office. The school is the children's workplace and they have the same right as adults to a well-designed and ergonomic workspace. First and foremost, students should be able to vary their working position; this means that the furniture must make this possible. We'll look at this in more detail later, but first we're going to talk about why variety is good.

Boy sitting on a exercise bike at a desk
Desk bike
Boy sitting on a Pilates ball and trying to balance
Pilates balance ball

Everyone benefits from more active school days

Human beings were designed to move around and both our brains and our bodies benefit from activity. As far as our brains are concerned, increasing our circulation gives us more energy, makes us more attentive and allows us to concentrate better. We also become more creative and find it easier to work with other people. Physical activity also improves our ability to learn, which is very helpful for teachers. So everyone benefits from more active school days.

Girl sitting at a desk and laughing with another girl standing next to her

A positive impact on health and well-being

Movement helps to strengthen our musculoskeletal system. This is especially important for children, who need to increase their strength as their bodies grow. But movement also improves our sense of well-being, both at the time and later in life. As well as increasing our cardiovascular capacity, making us more supple and improving our coordination, an active lifestyle helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Physical activity also has an impact on our mental health and can help prevent stress and depression.

Child using a lever to adjust the height of their desk
Pedal exerciser

More school furniture that helps children stay active

Varying your working position brings benefits for your body and boosts your energy levels. This is why active sitting chairs, such as balance stools, Pilates balls and saddle chairs, are perfect for long lessons. Their in-built instability forces the body to work to maintain an upright position - without the students even noticing that they are making an effort. This type of chair is ideal for children who struggle to sit still during lessons, giving them an outlet for their fidgeting! There are also classroom chairs designed with a seat that allows students to sit on the chair forwards or backwards, which makes it easy to change position. Balance boards and pedal exercisers are other smart solutions that, like active seating, can be easily shared between the students.

Boy sitting on wobble stool at a desk
Motion stool UP
Person standing one-legges on a balance board at a desk
Balance board BACK APP

Taking the first step towards your goal

What options do the students in your school have for varying their working position and improving their concentration? If you want to bring about a rapid change, one tip is to introduce two or three sit-stand student desks and active chairs into each classroom and allow the students to take turns in using them. This is a good starting point for achieving your goal of making active school days a matter of course for all your students.

Would you like more information about furnishing your school to give your students the best possible working conditions? Read more about active classrooms.

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