How active sitting chairs increase movement and boost energy

How active sitting chairs increase movement and boost energy

The best posture is not a static position but one that is constantly changing. Natural movement throughout the workday is not only kindest on your body but also helps boost energy levels. But how do you move more when you’re sitting at a desk all day? Active sitting chairs are the perfect solution.
Sitting still for several hours each day has a negative impact on the body. This isn’t new information. The body is made for movement and craves physical activity. That’s why it’s best if you can avoid static positions at work and change your working position as often as possible. You can do this not only by switching between sitting and standing or by taking breaks away from the desk, but also by using different types of chairs. So don’t forget to take a break from sedentary working and switch positions at regular intervals.

Helping you perform at your best

An easy and effective way to vary your posture is by sitting on what is known as an active chair. This type of ergonomic seat activates and strengthens the back and torso muscles in different ways, improves your posture by preventing you from slouching and increases blood circulation. Plus, keeping your body moving has a positive impact on both your energy levels and your concentration, which in turn can help improve your productivity and efficiency at work.

A variety of seating options

Wobble stools, balance balls and Pilates chairs are all examples of active sitting chairs, which, thanks to their intentional instability, force your body to work to keep you upright while you sit - without you even noticing the effort. Saddle chairs are another option; as the name suggests, you sit as if riding a horse, which automatically gives good posture and reduces tension in your shoulders, hips and knees. If you want to be really active while working, there is also the option of a desk bike, which allows you to exercise at your desk, increase your energy levels and burn more calories – all at your own pace.

Increase usage gradually

An active chair is the perfect complement to the classic office chair – or vice versa. Keep in mind that it may take some time to get used to the sitting position that an active chair provides. So in the beginning it may be sufficient to use it for an hour a day (switching back to your regular chair in between) and then gradually increase its use. If you have a height-adjustable desk, switch between standing and active sitting so you never just sit still again and every day is filled with movement!

Four benefits of active chairs

1. Your back and torso muscles are strengthened and posture is improved. Active chairs provide a natural and good posture, which prevents and relieves back pain.

2. Ergonomic design allows you to move your body comfortably to prevent strain injuries.

3. Your body stays moving even when you are sitting. Balance chairs and Pilates balls allow the body to find a correct posture by putting the balance to the test while saddle chairs keep your back straight and increase freedom of movement.

4. The movement of the chair helps to increase blood circulation, energy and even productivity simply through the small (but constant) amount of work it forces your body to do.

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