How to choose the right school lockers

Every school needs secure storage for students to keep their belongings safe. Compartment lockers are the obvious choice, but it’s important that the lockers you choose are suitable for your school. They need to stand up to heavy use, be easy for students to access and have a lock that suits younger users.

What are the key features you should you look out for when choosing school lockers?

Reduced-height primary school lockers suit younger age groups

Make sure the lockers you choose are the right height for your students. Standard lockers are usually around 1.8 metres high and can be difficult for younger children to access. Primary school lockers are designed with this is mind so that kids don’t have to struggle to reach the top compartment of the locker; they are usually between 1.3 and 1.4 metres high. In secondary schools, you could either provide a variety of primary school lockers and standard height lockers to cater for all age groups and heights, or you could assign younger students to lower compartments in tiered lockers. Reduced height lockers are also recommended for wheelchair users and will help your school to be accessible for all students.

Padlocks prevent lost keys and give more flexibility

In schools, compartment lockers with padlock fittings are a good idea so that pupils can provide their own padlock and the lockers can be used by different students more easily. This reduces the risk of lost keys at the end of the school year! Suggest to students that they choose combination padlocks so that they never have to worry about keys at all.

Plastic lockers will stand up to heavy use

Due to year after year of use in busy corridors, school lockers suffer a lot more wear and tear than those in workplaces or gyms for example. One effective way to prevent damage to lockers, which can make them less secure, is to purchase plastic lockers. Plastic lockers are a much more heavy-duty option than metal lockers. Made from tough polyethylene, they are almost impossible to dent or damage so that they cannot be broken into by force or vandalised. Unlike metal, the plastic will not rust or corrode over time, meaning that that are just as sturdy after several years of use.

Sloping tops improve hygiene

Stop students from placing their belongings or litter on top of the lockers by adding a sloping top. This has several benefits. It will help create a more hygienic environment by preventing dust from accumulating or food waste being left on top of lockers. It helps avoid items getting lost as it’s one less place for pupils to leave coats or bags, which may be hard to see on top of the locker or could fall down the back. It will also leave your school looking tidier without additional work for janitorial staff. Most lockers can be fitted with a sloping top at the time of manufacture for a small additional charge.

Ventilation prevents bad smells

Choose lockers with good ventilation to provide a steady flow of air into the compartments. This will help prevent smells if students leave their unwashed PE kit or uneaten packed lunch in their locker too long!

Bright colours create a happier school

Whether you choose metal, plastic or laminate door lockers, they are often available in a wide range of colours. Blue and light grey are generally the most popular choices but, in a school, vibrant colours can be a great way to brighten up the corridors and create a more welcoming and lively atmosphere for your students.

Remember to always get a quote before you purchase your school lockers as most retailers are able to give competitive discounts for large quantities.

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