Manual sweeper Pro

Art. no.: 40439
  • Handles 3680 m²/hour
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Folding handle
Foldable manual sweeper with excellent cleaning capabilities for both indoor and outdoor use. The sweeper has four rotating brushes: two spring-loaded at the front so the sweeper can adapt to uneven surfaces and two underneath to collect debris in the container (40 L). The height of the brushes can be adjusted in one simple move. It can handle 3680 m²/hour.
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7 year warranty

Product information

This sturdy and easily manoeuvrable manual sweeper has impressive sweeping capabilities both outside and indoors. The sweeper is suitable for both large and small cleaning tasks as it can handle sand, stones and packing tape as well as smaller debris like paper and nails.

You can easily adjust all the brushes in height using the lever on the back of the sweeper, which means you can quickly adapt the sweeper to your specific cleaning needs. The handle can be folded to facilitate storage and transportation.

The sweeper comes with a 40 L removable container with a dust filter and a dust protection underneath.


Product specifications

  • Length:1300 mm
  • Height:1060 mm
  • Width:920 mm
  • Volume:40 L
  • Total height:1060 mm
  • Weight:23.8 kg
  • Assembly:Assembled