Manual sweeper

Art. no.: 40433
  • Handles 3200 m²/hour
  • Great cleaning capabilities
  • Height adjustable brushes
Manual sweeper for cleaning assembly areas and warehouse floors, etc. (recommended primarily for indoor use). The sweeper has four rotating, height adjustable brushes: two on the front for easy cleaning of edges and corners, and two underneath to collect debris in the container (40 L). It can handle 3200 m²/hour.
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7 year warranty

Product information

This manual sweeper is an affordable option for most workplaces. The sweeper has great cleaning capabilities and is suitable for cleaning assembly areas, warehouse floors and similar indoor environments. It can also be used outdoors, for example on sand, stones or leaves.

As the rotating brushes are height adjustable, you can easily adjust the sweeper to suit your needs. The sweeper comes with a 40 L removable container that is easy to empty and clean.


Product specifications

  • Length:880 mm
  • Height:980 mm
  • Width:800 mm
  • Volume:40 L
  • Total height:980 mm
  • Weight:15.8 kg
  • Assembly:Assembled