Mixed hook set


Art. no.: 265441
  • 50 mixed hooks
  • For tool panels
  • The tool panel is sold separately.
Hook set with 20 single hooks, 10 double hooks, five-angled double hooks, five bracket hooks, two ring hooks, five spring clips, two pipe holders and a cup holder.
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7 year warranty

Product information

Large hook set with mixed hooks and holders. They are perfect when you want to mount your tools and components on the tool panel to create efficient, flexible and easily accessible storage. The hooks and holders can be easily and quickly attached to the perforations on the surface of the tool panel. And they can quickly be moved around wherever you need them.
The suspension hooks and double hooks can be used in a variety of ways. They're excellent for hanging tools with handles or holes in the shaft, for cables and for packages with hang tabs. The bracket hooks are excellent for hammers and knives etc. The ring hooks can be used, for example, for hanging oil cans or power tools. The spring clips are particularly suitable for hanging small screwdrivers and similar hand tools. The pipe holders can be used to hold a carpenter's ruler, screwdrivers and pens. The cup holder is suitable for the storage of round bottles, cans etc., but you can also it for storing small parts and components.


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Product specifications

  • Hole size:9x9 mm
  • Material:Zinc coated
  • Number of hooks:50
  • Intended for:c/c 38 mm
  • Weight:1.95 kg