Portable spill containment berm

2820 L, black

Art. no.: 24886
  • Collapsible wall supports
  • No assembly required
  • Durable material
Collapsible spill containment tank with built-in wall supports that you can lock in an upright position to ensure that the edges do not give way. The spill tank can withstand a wide range of chemicals, including petroleum, oils, greases and most acids.
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7 year warranty

Product information

Spill tank that is perfect for the safe storage of IBC containers and other tanks and liquid containers.

The integrated supports can be locked at a 90° vertical angle to prevent spillage and ensure that the walls of the spill tank retain their shape and do not sag. Each support has a nylon foot that is designed to withstand tough resistance. The nylon feet have holes for anchoring the tank in strong winds and can withstand wind speeds of up to 18 m/s. The mechanisms for anchoring the feet are not included.

The spill tank is made from PVC-coated fabric that can withstand long-term exposure to UV light and is therefore ideal for outdoor use. The supports can also withstand extreme temperatures (from -45°C to +71°C). You can fold down one side of the spill tank to allow a forklift truck to drive into it, for example. When the wall supports are folded down, they can withstand a vehicle weight of up to 5000 kg through each tyre.

The top edge of the tank wall is folded over to protect it from abrasion and wear. The corners are folded over and welded on the diagonal to prevent them from bending, opening or giving way when the tank is full of liquid.

The spill tank complies with the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure rule (SPCC) of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It can be installed quickly and easily, without any assembly being needed, and can be folded down when required for storage or transport.


Product specifications

  • Length:3251 mm
  • Height:305 mm
  • Width:3251 mm
  • Volume:2820 L
  • Colour:Black
  • Material:PVC
  • Weight:22.2 kg