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An office sofa for every workplace

With AJ Products’ wide range of office sofas and soft seating, you can create a more welcoming and comfortable space for staff and visitors alike. We have an office sofa to suit any workplace design and budget, from stocked options that can be delivered quickly for your foyer or breakroom to a top of the range, customised waiting area sofa that will wow your clients.

Choosing the right sofa for office reception

The reception area is the first part of your office that any client, investor or potential employee will see. A comfortable waiting room sofa is an essential part of creating the right atmosphere and making the best impression. The type of reception sofa you choose may be dependent on budget but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a couch that welcomes visitors and puts them at ease no matter how much you have to spend. Consider the type of seating that will work best. Sometimes this will depend on the size and layout of the space such as whether to choose a waiting room armchair or a corner sofa; other times it will be influenced by how you want people to feel. Surprisingly, an office loveseat can provide more personal space without taking up more floor space while a soft stool can be easily moved around, which makes the area more flexible.

Collaborative workspaces

Collaborative meeting spaces allow colleagues to work together more easily. An informal space with an office sofa set is a popular choice, giving colleagues a place to get together in a more relaxed setting, which leads to impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions. For smaller meetings, a high back office sofa provides privacy by muffling conversations taking place on the couch and providing a physical barrier from the rest of the office. It also helps employees concentrate by reducing noise from surrounding areas.

Comfortable breakout areas

It’s hugely beneficial for staff to have a breakroom where they can go to get away from their desks for lunch or a coffee. Making this a cosy space with an office couch, lunch table and café chairs, standing bar tables and more gives people a choice of how to spend their down time. Choose a comfortable and colourful office settee so that employees can relax and make themselves at home. By providing a stress-free zone, you will see an improvement in productivity and engagement.

Get an office couch that suits your décor

Whether you want an office leather sofa or would prefer to choose fabric to match your company colours, we have an option that will suit you. Don’t let your budget put you off: artificial leather or leather facing are a less pricey alternative to genuine leather that still look great in your waiting room. Likewise, fabric in stocked colours will save you money compared to made to order upholstery. At AJ Products we have everything you need for a welcoming reception area. Once you have your office waiting room sofa, choose a stylish reception desk to greet your visitors and complete the space with a coat stand, magazine rack and stunning artificial plants to create an inviting atmosphere. We also have a wide selection of office furniture including standing desks, ergonomic office chairs, conference table and chairs and more.

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