Entrance mat THREE

900x1500 mm, black

Art. no.: 253103
  • Divided into three zones
  • Scrapes, dries and absorbs
  • Wear-resistant
Durable entrance mat with three functions in one. It scrapes away coarse dirt, removes finer dirt and dries and absorbs residual moisture. The mat is suitable for entrances with heavy traffic. Easy to clean by vacuuming.
This product is no longer available.
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Product information

This wear-resistant entrance mat combines three functions, which, together, provide excellent results.

The first zone is a scraper mat with coarse bristles that scrape off and retain pebbles and debris from the shoes. The second zone removes fine dirt and absorbs liquid. The third zone is a final drying mat that absorbs all remaining moisture.

The entrance mat is ideally suited to high-traffic entrances and busy receptions. With three functions in one single mat, it’s perfect for places with limited space. The mat has a vinyl-coated backing to prevent it from skidding. It’s easy to clean by vacuuming.

THREE is a zone 2 mat offering absorption and a scrape function in indoor settings.


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Product specifications

  • Length:1500 mm
  • Width:900 mm
  • Thickness:7 mm
  • Colour:Black
  • Rubber backing:Yes
  • Weight:4.2 kg