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Take the opportunity to get light exercise at work

Take the opportunity to get light exercise at work

Many of us have high hopes about getting in shape, especially after the New Year and ahead of the summer. Let’s face it though, reality has a habit of getting in the way and it can be difficult to find the time to dedicate to self-improvement in our hectic lives. Fortunately, it is easy to get some light exercise while working. All it takes is smart furniture and a bit of dedication.


Office furniture that encourages light exercise

Let’s start with the furniture. You can see significant improvements in your wellbeing just by setting up your workstation to encourage movement. If you have a sit-stand desk, you can strengthen your muscles by standing up to work for a few hours a day. This also helps to improve your blood circulation and burns additional calories compared to sitting. If you choose to stand on a balance board, the positive effects are intensified as it keeps your body in constant motion. Occasionally switching your regular office chair to a saddle stool or exercise ball chair also offers benefits, forcing you to work your back and abdominal muscles to maintain the correct posture. One of the biggest benefits is that you will barely notice the effort of these activities!


Easy-to-use exercise equipment that increases activity levels

If you want to increase your activity levels even further, you can get a desk bike or a desk treadmill that you and your colleagues can share. If you use the equipment for half an hour in the morning and again after lunch, it’s an easy way to fit in an hour of exercise every day. Your blood circulation will improve and you will get your heart pumping without you getting too hot and sweaty. Plus, the company as a whole has a lot to gain from your increased activity levels. It is well known that movement and exercise increase creativity as well as happiness and your ability to learn.


Simple everyday activities

If you do not have access to these products, there is still a lot you can do. The best part is that light exercise can be really straightforward. For example, you can take the stairs instead of the lift, get up from your desk to take a short walk to the printer or the break room and hold walk-and-talk meetings. It can also be as simple as basic exercises such as sitting down and standing up ten times in a row or doing some push-ups against the desk or the wall a couple of times in the morning and afternoon. Imagine doing 40–50 squats and pushups every working day! It you break it up throughout the day, it’s easy to do and can be a simple and effective routine.


It's more fun to do it together

If you feel uncomfortable with your colleagues watching you, you could do your exercises when you visit the bathroom or copy room. However, if you decide to perform your exercises in the open at your desk, you are guaranteed to have followers. There will soon be a group of you who will motivate and remind each other that "now is the time for today's first exercise". Then, all of a sudden, you will have a new routine where exercise is a natural part of your everyday life.