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Introducing the desk bike

Introducing the desk bike

How a desk bike will make sedentary working a thing of the past


In recent years, extensive research has consistently identified sedentary behaviour as one of the biggest risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and other significant health issues. These warnings have led to many people starting to change the way they work and standing up in the office. However, long periods of standing can also have negative health consequences. The solution is VARIETY and MOVEMENT.


Regular movement has been shown to increase metabolism, improve posture, strengthen core muscles and boost concentration levels. The best way to combat a lack of physical activity while working is to vary between sitting, standing, walking and cycling throughout your workday.


Of course, the activity has to suit the task you’re doing. It might be possible to walk around the office while taking a phone call or having an informal meeting with colleagues, but otherwise movement may be restricted to break times. With a desk bike you can move as much as you want without having to take time away from your desk, allowing you to increase productivity and well-being at the same time.


Low-intensity exercise is key


With a desk bike, it's not about cardio training but boosting circulation and keeping your body moving; usually, you maintain a low speed. This low-intensity workout breaks the damaging cycle of a sedentary lifestyle without you getting too tired or sweaty. Of course, if you want to push yourself to the limits, there’s nothing stopping you! By replacing sitting or standing with this type of activity, you can increase your metabolism and burn more calories; there is also a positive impact on your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. A desk bike will track the speed and distance pedalled as well as calorie consumption, helping to keep you motivated and allowing you to increase your efforts day by day. It is easy to pedal several miles a day without feeling fatigued.


Low-level physical activity throughout the day is the only way to combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Whether you cycle to work or at work, run up and down the stairs or walk over to talk to your colleague instead of emailing, the more movement you fit into your day, the better it is for your health.

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