How to Engage Employees in Office Ergonomics: Height Adjustable Desks and More

How to Engage Employees in Office Ergonomics: Height Adjustable Desks and More

According to Gallup (2020), just 20% of the global of the workforce is actively engaged at work. This leaves a massive 80% of workers not fully engaged with their day to day work. With a lot of companies realising the relationship between employee engagement and employee retention, it has become a priority to find ways to keep staff engaged and satisfied.

Engaging your workforce in the process of improving ergonomics could be a major part of the solution. Optimising ergonomics is the perfect way to show your employees that you care about their health, comfort and fostering a healthy work environment for them. This engagement could turn out to be empowering for a lot of employees in your workplace. Introducing a height adjustable standing desk for each employee in the office, for example, could help staff to be more active and healthy at work.

Read our tips to find out how best to engage employees in the process of improving your workplace ergonomics.

Encourage employees to participate

Invite your team members to participate in the ergonomics process. Let your invitation feel like a genuine expression of your desire to help make their lives easier and healthier. Inform them how optimising ergonomics could be beneficial for them. For example, explain the benefits of a height adjustable desk such as better posture, less time spent sitting, etc. By involving your staff from the start, you will see greater engagement and enthusiasm.


Make use of your notice board or intranet to announce the news of what you are doing to introduce and improve ergonomics in the workplace. In order to make your engagement effective it is necessary communicate the changes being made and how they benefit everyone.

Train your team members in ergonomics

In order to successfully engage your employees it is essential for your company to conduct training sessions for your employees. This will help in creating awareness about the health benefits associated with using ergonomic furniture and being more active in the workplace.

Celebrate wins

Celebrate the successful execution of your ergonomics project. Highlight employees who contributed and helped in changing and enhancing the office furniture and also be vocal about how the project has made their life easier.

Respond immediately

Encourage your employees to communicate their feelings about adopting the changes. Respond effectively and immediately to any queries or complaints. Always thank them for adapting to change and make sure they feel appreciated.

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