Motor unit


Art. no.: 30080
  • Makes manual working easier
  • Easy to install on a trolley
  • Automatic height adjustment
Powerful motor unit that can be fitted to trolleys. The motor provides increased mobility and improves the working environment for the user by eliminating the need to push or pull the trolley. Easy to install!
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7 year warranty

Product information

Reduce the risk of injuries and facilitate manual goods handling with an electronic motor unit.

This powerful motor makes it easy to transport heavily loaded trolleys in a way that is safe and puts less strain on the body. The solution helps to reduce sick leave taken due to slips, trips or falls.

The motor has stepless speed adjustment and a parking brake. You can easily adjust the speed and pulling force using a hand control. The trolley automatically stops when you release the control.

When moving up or down ramps, the speed is automatically adjusted to reduce the risk of accidents during operation. The motor unit can carry up to 500 kg up a ramp with a slope of 12.5%.

The motor unit fits most transport trolleys and platform trolleys with a width of 500-800 mm. The motor is easy to fit using the mounting bracket supplied.


Product specifications

  • Length:500 mm
  • Height:225 mm
  • Width:570 mm
  • Weight:33 kg