Deposit safe FIRM

600x460x380 mm

Art. no.: 134800
  • With code and key lock
  • Drawer with fishing protection
  • Supplied with mounting kit
Deposit safe that will delay burglars, has a fishing protection mechanism and is fitted with both a key lock and an electronic code lock. Can be fixed to the floor or the wall with the mounting kit provided.
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7 year warranty

Product information

Deposit cash and valuables easily and securely without having to open the safe. The safe is ideal for small and large shops and for other businesses and locations where cash and valuables need to be stored.

The frame is made of 6-mm-thick steel and the door of 8-mm-thick steel. The deposit drawer has a fishing protection mechanism that prevents unauthorised people from removing the contents of the safe. The door is secured with steel bolts that lock in three directions.

The safe is supplied with an electronic code lock with a touch screen and a mechanical key lock for the deposit drawer. Both types of locks offer a high level of security. Remember to use a strong code and to change it at regular intervals.

We strongly recommend that you fix your safe securely to the floor or wall with the mounting kit provided to prevent unauthorised people from moving it.


Product specifications

  • Height:600 mm
  • Width:460 mm
  • Depth:460 mm
  • Height, internal:400 mm
  • Width, internal:448 mm
  • Depth, internal:380 mm
  • Sheet steel thickness door:8 mm
  • Sheet steel thickness body:6 mm
  • Lock type:Electronic code lock / Key lock
  • Colour:White
  • Colour code:RAL 9003
  • Material:Sheet steel
  • Weight:85 kg
  • Assembly:Assembled