ESD rubber bench mat

600x1200x2 mm

Art. no.: 15-5903
  • Static dissipative work surface
  • Solder-resistant rubber
  • Conforms to IEC 61340-2-3
Robust, work surface ESD mat designed to protect components and operatives from static electricity. Made from low-reflecting black rubber. Ideal for use on workbenches.
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7 year warranty

Product information

Work more safely with electronic components and protect yourself from static build-up by covering your work surfaces with ESD bench matting. The 2 mm thick rubber mat is solder iron resistant and provides a smooth, easy-to-clean surface on which to work with low reflection, making it ideal for assembly work. The mat is fitted with a 10 mm male stud to allow for grounding. For maximum performance we recommend use with grounding accessories (not included).

Resistance to groundable point (Rpg): 7.9 x 10⁴ Ω. Resistance point to point (Rp-p): 6.1 x 10⁴ Ω. Surface resistance (Rs): 4.4 x 10⁵ Ω. Volume resistance: 4.5 x 10⁴ Ω. Surface resistivity (ρs): 4.4 x 10⁶ Ω. Volume resistivity (ρv): 6.7 x 10¹ Ω.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can pose a serious risk in environments with a lot of electrical equipment and is of particular concern to electronics manufacturing businesses. ESD not only exposes workers to static shock but it can also permanently damage sensitive electronical components. Creating an ESD protected area (EPA) mitigates these hazards by preventing the build-up of static charge through the grounding of both workers and conductive materials. Combine your static-dissipative mat with grounding wristbands or heel straps to create a complete EPA.


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Product specifications

  • Length:1200 mm
  • Width:600 mm
  • Thickness:2 mm
  • Esd:Yes
  • Colour:Black
  • Material:Rubber
  • Weight:2.25 kg
  • Assembly:Assembled
  • Testing:IEC 61340-2-3