Desk bike for schools


Art. no.: 23402
  • Small and handy
  • Encourages movement
  • Improves concentration
Create an activity-based learning environment at school! With a desk bike, students can make use of the positive effects of physical activity while studying. Cycling increases blood circulation and oxygen levels, which leads to more energy and better focus.
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Product information

Numerous studies show how much more energised and alert movement makes us. Sitting still even for a short period makes both adults and children tired because we stay in a static position. With a desk bike, children are given the opportunity to move and study at the same time. Thus, blood circulation and oxygen levels get a boost and more calories are burned off.
This is good for your health and helps you to concentrate better.

Ergonomic seating solutions and active furniture for adults are becoming a matter of course in many workplaces today. However, children, who also sit for many hours a day, need to be able to vary their posture and sitting options as well. After all, school is where children come to do their work!

This desk bike is equipped with a short seat column that is designed for people between 140 and 160 cm tall, which makes it ideal for many secondary school children. The lowest desk height is approx. 83 cm for a 140 cm person, and approx. 83-100 cm for someone 140-160 cm.
For lively children that struggle to sit still, cycling can be a great way to use up some of that excess energy and thus will help them to concentrate better. For calmer children, it will get the blood pumping and give them an energy boost!
The increased blood circulation helps to maintain focus, improves memory retention and boosts alertness.

The desk bike has wheels, which makes it easier to move. The saddle and pedal resistance are adjustable so they can be set to what suits each child best. On the bike there is a fixed display that shows time, speed and distance, which can be a fun way to encourage the kids since they can see the results of their cycling efforts! A low-intensity pace is enough for the body to experience the positive benefits of cycling.


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Product specifications

  • Seat height:720-780 mm
  • Length:750 mm
  • Width:470 mm
  • Colour:Black
  • Load capacity:135 kg
  • Recommended number of people for assembly:1
  • Estimated assembly time:5 mins
  • Weight:13 kg
  • Assembly:Delivered unassembled