Reinforced desk screen ZIP RIVET

2000x650 mm, plum with black zipper

Art. no.: 130553
  • Free up workspace!
  • Sound-absorbent filling
  • Can hold up to 25 kg
Reinforced desk screen with a rail for mounting your computer screen for example. Filled with material that is A-rated for sound absorption. Desk brackets are not included.
This product is no longer available.
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Product information

Create more space on your desktop and a better acoustic environment with a clever desk screen with an accessory rail and sound-absorbent properties.

The rail lets you move your computer screen, papers, etc. off the desktop to free up workspace. Add the accessories that suit your needs to the rail to optimise your workspace.

The desk screen has internal reinforcement to withstand a heavier load of up to 25 kg. The wooden frame is filled with 100% PET material that is A-rated for sound absorption. The screen is covered with a stylish fabric cover, made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, with a decorative zip.

Distance from the desk top to the screen top: approx. 420 mm (depending on the thickness of the desk top). Distance from the underside of the desk top to the bottom edge of the screen: 210 mm.

Desk brackets are not included.


Product specifications

  • Height:650 mm
  • Width:2000 mm
  • Thickness:40 mm
  • Colour:Plum
  • Cover material:Fabric
  • Material specification:Camira - Rivet Forge EGL12
  • Composition:100% Polyester
  • Zip colour:Black
  • Padding material:PET
  • Testing:ISO 354
  • Weight:14 kg