Create a safe preschool environment

Door posts, free-standing shelves and sharp corners – at preschool, there are many things, large and small, that can be a safety risk for the children. With practical, well planned accessories such as pinch guards, safety gates and corner guards, you can help to prevent injuries occurring in preschool and create a more child-friendly environment. Here are our tips for a safe preschool environment.

The right material makes a big difference

Small, well-planned details can do a lot for the general safety at the preschool. Simple things such as choosing the right materials for the furniture can make a huge difference.

By choosing mirrors made from safety glass instead of regular glass, you minimize the risk of injury if a breakage occurs. Matting, for both group sitting and for rest, should have a rubber bottom to minimise the risk of slipping. There is also furniture upholstered in environmentally friendly, PVC-free textiles that minimize the risk of long term health risks such as asthma.

Pinch and corner guards reduce injury risk

Doors and sharp corners are two common causes of injury at the preschool. Equip both inner and outer doors with pinch guards that minimize the risk of pinching injuries. The pinch guards are small and discreet and do not prevent the door’s function. Door stops are also a great way of preventing pinching injuries.

By mounting corner guards on tables, shelves or walls, you can protect children from sharp corners or protruding edges. Many corner guards are easy to assemble with double-sided tape that can be easily removed when they are no longer needed and will not damage the furniture.

Anchor free-standing furniture to the wall

Shelving and wall-mounted cabinets are great for storing small parts, small toys or other materials safely out of reach of children. But be aware that loose furniture such as shelves and lockers should be anchored to the wall or floor to eliminate the risk of them tipping over. Safety gates can also be an effective way to limit the children’s access to particular rooms or areas. The safety gate can be supplemented with an extension kit for wider doorways or with wheels for easy transportation.

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