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Cabinets: the perfect storage solution for your business


With over 40 years of experience, AJ Products has aimed to provide businesses with quality office furniture that is functional and durable, and assist in creating a productive work environment where staff can enjoy working. Our cupboards, cabinets and lockers come in a choice of styles to help you find the look you want and match your other furniture. Not only are there many different styles, but the cabinets also come in a variety of colours and with many handy features.


Filing and storage cabinets for your workplace


Every demanding environment needs optimal storage solutions when it comes to keeping the workspace organised, reducing clutter and increasing productivity. We also have storage solutions for more tailored issues from hazardous and chemical safe storage to fire and water protected cabinets. Furthermore, we provide a plethora of drawing cabinets perfect for blueprint storage, so that you can avoid clutter at your workstation and safely store large documents. Many of our cabinets are part of our modular office furniture range, which offers many different options that go together perfectly so that the system can be tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.


Wide range of lockers


Everyone needs a storage solution where they can store their personal belongings and other items safely. Hence, at AJ Products we aim to provide quality metal and wooden lockers that are suitable for gyms, schools, offices and factories.


Workshop and tool storage cabinets


Adequate storage is required for keeping tools, equipment, machine parts, documents and an assortment of other frequently used items in garages and workshops. Our units can serve a variety of purposes and range from small cabinets for storing tools to store shelving for heavy equipment, large spare parts, etc.


Mail sorting cabinets and pigeon holes


Every business needs an optimal solution to handle incoming and outgoing mail, internal documents, printouts and much more. This helps make sure all documents are stored safely and can be easily accessed whenever required, keeping the workplace organised.


Computer and laptop cabinets


Do you work in an environment where you need to protect your computer or laptop from dirt and dust, as well as from theft? If this sounds like a description of your business, then have a look at the various computer storage cabinet options. Our range of laptop cabinets and trolleys provide secure storage and charging facilities for laptops and tablets. At AJ Products, we offer laptop cabinets fitted with charging cables and cooling vents for reliable charging and storage, suitable for classrooms or conference facilities.


Key cupboard


Specially designed to store keys, this type of cabinet helps businesses keep track of the various keys that are used in the workplace. They are often used in monitored car parks and at security desks.


Tambour cabinets perfect for tight spaces


If you're looking to save space in the office, then tambour cabinets are the ideal solution. Thanks to their ingenious design, the doors slide into the cabinet rather than opening outwards so you can use them even in tight spaces. This type of cupboard is suitable for everything from office materials to archive boxes and ring binders. You can place several cabinets side by side, in a corridor for example. We can help you find the right storage solution for your business.

Complement the look with suitable office desks for a complete office solution. Contact us if you have any questions.