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Why do Companies Need Commercial Matting?

Why do Companies Need Commercial Matting?

Companies use various types of mats for covering their floors. There are multiple reasons for using different commercial mats for entrances and other areas in businesses. Some of the reasons why companies should invest in matting solutions are listed below:



  • Entrance mats help in scraping dirt off shoes. These types of mats help in keeping workspaces clean and dirt-free. A variety of mats for entrances can be found online at AJ Products in different types of material, thickness, size and design.
  • Anti-slip rubber matting is a popular type of mat and is used to prevent injuries caused by slipping at work. These mats are designed to offer slip-resistance and extra grip underfoot while walking. Anti-slip mats can be placed in high traffic areas in workplaces, public toilets, swimming pools, etc.
  • Chair and desk mats are used to prevent any damage that may occur to the floor due to furniture, in particular chairs, being frequently moved. This helps companies to reduce floor maintenance costs.
  • Anti-fatigue floor mats are ideal for work environments where employees have to stand and work for long hours. Long hours of standing can lead to physical discomfort in employees. This type of matting offers a cushioning effect underfoot and reduces discomfort to employees’ feet, legs and backs, which in turn has a positive impact on worker productivity (CCOHS, 2015¹).
  • Gymnasium mats available online at AJ Products can be used in work-out areas, yoga rooms, meditation rooms, etc. These mats provide comfort to users and encourage relaxation.
  • Heavy duty industrial mats are useful for industrial sites and on shop floors where the heavy items and tools used can damage the floor.





Whatever type of mat you need, you can find it online at AJ Products. A wide range of matting solutions is available on the website along with other furnishing products for different businesses.