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Why spending time outside improves your mental health and productivity

Article Spending time outdoors has been shown to reduce stress and mental fatigue yet over 60% of UK office workers spend less than 30 minutes a day outside.

Setting up Appropriate Cigarette Bins for Workplace Smoking Zones

Article By creating designated open-air smoking areas with outdoor cigarette bins to collect waste you can restrict smoking on your premises. Learn how here.

How to Use Cigarette Bins to Effectively Regulate Smoking Outside Offices

Article Setting up designated outdoor smoking areas keeps office entrances clean and smoke free. How do you create a smoking area? What is the best type of ashtray?

Eight ways to enjoy the Summer when you’re at work

Article Do you work full time during the Summer season? Are you afraid you’re going to miss out on all the nice sunny weather? Well don’t worry - with a little planning and some simple tricks, you can ...

The Great Outdoors

Article These days we spend more and more time working indoors, leaving us less time for an outdoor social life. Long days without fresh air can leave us feeling tired and unproductive.

Take the bike to work - for better well-being

Article In recent years, bicycle transport has become increasingly popular. Favouring a bicycle instead of a car is not only good for the environment, but also an excellent way to improve your health.

Are Your Outside Cigarette Bins Serving You Well?

Article Although the number of smokers is at an all-time low, business should still provide smoking shelters and outdoor ashtrays for visitors and workers who do smoke. Learn how, where and why!

Plastic Folding Tables for All Occasions

Article Plastic folding tables are useful for many different activities. They are usually less expensive and can be folded to save space, without compromising on style!

How to Select Outdoor Door Mats

Article Outdoor door mats are the first line of defence against dirt. Our handy guide helps you to find the best non slip door mats for your home or business.

Why should organisations protect workspaces from cigarette-waste related litter?

Article Given that 30% of adults in routine occupations and 13% in managerial and professional occupations are smokers, it is important to make sure that cigarette waste does not leave a bad impression...
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